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Access To NFT On Instagram And Facebook Is Open

Access To NFT On Instagram And Facebook Is Open
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Good news for all US users – Meta Corporation is sharing NFT on Instagram and Facebook.

In the US, it is now possible to connect your cryptocurrency wallets to Instagram thanks to a new feature in the app.

The NFT functionality on Instagram has been tested since May, but it finally became available to every user in America this Thursday.

Users can now connect their wallets from Coinbase, MetaMask, Rainbow, Trust, and Dapper Labs to their Instagram accounts.

Other than that, Instagram users can also post their NFTs to their Facebook accounts as well.

According to the Meta post, the rest of the countries where NFT collectibles are available on Instagram can also access this feature.

The momentous announcement comes after CEO Mark Zuckerberg sold the NFT of his childhood baseball card for $105,000.

Meta’s new NFT social media integration allows users to choose which NFTs to share with their followers.

This feature works like a digital art gallery and NFTS you own or have created can be pinned to your feed alongside your other images.

Once a user posts their NFT image, the platform adds a shimmery effect to the image and displays public information about the NFT, such as a description of a collection, a fragment, or a creator’s tag.

The twinkling effect works similarly to a hexagonal Twitter profile picture, visually indicating the authenticity and ownership of an asset.

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