The Secret 12 Words That Make A Man Love You

The Secret 12 Words That Make A Man Love You
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Let’s figure out what 12 words will make a man fall in love with you.

Did you know that there is a 12-word sentence you can say to your man that will evoke a strong feeling of love and an instinctive attraction for you deep in his chest?

Because hidden in these 12 words is a “secret signal” that fuels a man’s instinct to love, please, and protect you with all his heart.

This instinct is so ingrained in a man’s genetics that it will make him work harder than ever before to make your relationship the best part of your life.

In fact, triggering this powerful instinct is so important to the best possible relationship with your man that it’s worth sending one of these “secret signals” to your man.

You will immediately notice that he will open his mind and heart to you like never before and see you as the only woman in the world who has ever truly understood him.

And this powerful “secret signal” is contained in these 12 words.

Thousands of women are already using these “secret cues” to turn their failed relationships into the passionate romances they’ve always dreamed of.

And countless other women use them to snag great guys from the very first time they meet.

Imagine knowing the exact words to say to a man to truly open his heart to you and spur his desire to be bold and romantic.

And that will support his love and attention to you, and only to you.

I want to show you a presentation that reveals these relationship secrets and much, much more… and this is a real game changer for any woman who knows she deserves the best.

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relationship secrets and much, much more

As a rule, women prefer a handsome man with countless virtues.

She will refuse even her good behavior and offer herself to him. She will be driven to a state of helplessness and will be like a boat in a whirlpool.

Remember that a young woman gives so much pleasure to the five senses of lovers.

She pleases the eye with her loving glances. She pleases the body with the softness of her face. She pleases the sense of smell with the aroma of her mouth.

She pleases the ear with her pleasant beautiful words. She delights in the sense of taste, passionately offering her face for kisses.

A woman must be respected at all times! Just for bodily pleasure, if you approach a woman, she won’t like you. Love must be mutual and come from the heart.

What happens in the pleasure house? A young girl will bend slightly, slouching due to the weight of her breasts. The Lord of her heart and life, that is, her husband, connected her with her youth.

Two warmly hugging lovers enter each other’s body. And so they are hidden. And lo and behold, no one can find their separate identity clearly discernible in this love sport!

Last but not least, men must understand that women are like the flame of a lamp!

Yes, they are like the flames of lamps, shining with soot in the form of their dark hair, and are pleasing to the eye, but dangerous to touch (of course, without their consent). They burn people like grass.

Finally, a girl would prefer a young man, considering seven qualities in him, namely, his family background, his behavior, his physical constitution, his age, his learning, his wealth, and his equality in status.

A man and a woman must respect each other, and the main thing here is to adapt and accept!

Unless your relationship is the biggest source of happiness and joy in your life. Still, devotion and adoration you earn, If you aren’t getting the love.

Or if the men in your life seem to lose interest out of nowhere, leaving you confused and resentful.

Then we can honestly say that this video is the most important thing you can watch right now that will change your relationship forever.

Once you discover that missing “secret ingredient” of lasting love and commitment, you can emotionally “make friends” with men in a way that no other woman can.

And he will feel an overwhelming desire deep in his chest that will make him want to lovingly commit himself to you and never let you go.

So, if you are looking for tricks and mind games to get a man’s attention or manipulate his feelings, then this is not for you.

There are plenty of such things. But I think you are looking for something more authentic.

Сommodity special that will stand the test of time.

Something that will give you the opportunity to awaken real desire and emotional connection in a man, on which life partnerships are built.

If this is you, then watch this secret video on how to become the secret obsession of any man.

Why men leave the “ideal” women

Why men leave the "ideal" women
Photo by Pavel Danilyuk

This may seem unfair. But did you know that you can be a guy’s dream girl?

I mean, you can literally tick off every item on his “ideal women” list.

But if you screw up that ONE, he will leave you when another option comes up.

A friend of mine, James Bauer, discovered this missing “secret ingredient” that all men are constantly looking for in a woman.

And most women have no idea it exists because guys don’t even know it.

The coolest thing is when you know how to give a man that “secret ingredient”…

This will send a shockwave of desire towards you right into his brain and he MUST be with you.

In fact, when you do this, watch his face glow, as if he had just been discharged.

This is the moment when he says to himself: “Where have you been all my life?”

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If your man leaves…

Send him this 12-word text and see how quickly he comes running back into your arms.

This 12-word text can make the man in your life crave your love and obsess over your relationship like his life depends on it.

Hidden within this text is a “secret signal” that triggers one of the most powerful instincts a human being has…

The instinct is so strong that it will make him prove how much you mean to him, even if he never realized it before.

In fact, triggering this powerful instinct is so important to the best possible relationship with your man that once you send your man one of these “secret signals”…

…You will immediately notice how he opens his mind and heart to you like never before. And he will feel deep down that you are the ONLY one for him.

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Make Him Want You

If you’re good at reading people, you may not find it surprising to learn that men and women notice different kinds of signals when interacting with a potential mate.-

It video explains the hidden signal that either repels a man or makes him feel irresistibly attracted to you.

Otherwise, keep reading to learn about a particular signal you’re broadcasting to men all the time (whether you know it or not).

It’s probably not what you would expect.

You see, there’s a specific kind of body language men simply can’t ignore.

It’s a signal that can spark romantic feelings. Or it can repel him, depending on what he’s reading from your nonverbal cues.

Would you like to know what it is?

Men Are Extremely Sensitive to Something in Your Body Language That You Would Never Expect.

Women often think about how to make a man want you. But the secret to making someone fall in love with you lies a little deeper.

In fact, your ability to broadcast the right non-verbal message makes all the difference when it comes to attracting the kind of man you want.

If you’ve been attracting attention from guys who fail to connect with you on a deep, emotional level, I may be able to show you why.

You’re probably sending out just one very confusing signal…without even realizing it.

With the wrong signal, you end up with this:
● Attention from the wrong kind of guys, the ones you aren’t interested in.
â—Ź Initial attraction that later fades with the one guy you really wanted to attract.
â—Ź A slow and painful death for the attraction and passion in your existing relationship.

But with a slight adjustment, you could be sending the right signal all the time.

And you’d end up getting results more like this:
● Passion that intensifies the longer you’re together
â—Ź A guy who clearly feels protective of you
â—Ź A deep feeling of private exclusivity as he lets you into his inner world.

The difference can be dramatic. And it all comes down to this one signal I’m about to show you.

In order to explain this signal, think of yourself as a radio tower.
You are constantly broadcasting a message to the men in your life.

And there’s one “channel” he can’t tune out.
That’s because men have emotional “antennas” designed specifically to detect this one kind of signal.

Ready to find out which signal I’m talking about? Ok, here it is. He reads your nonverbal cues to find out where you “rank him” compared with other men.

It reads your body language to see what it looks like in your eyes. Does she respect me? Or am I just a game to her? Does she appreciate me compared to other men or not?

Why are men so sensitive to this one signal
Photo by Kenny Eliason

Why are men so sensitive to this one signal?

Because, oddly enough, this signal tells him how you compare him to other men. So it influences how he feels about himself whenever he’s around you.

And it’s amazing how much this one signal affects his emotions.
You see, in relationships, people don’t tell us what we really want to know. We have to listen to what’s written between the lines.

This kind of “listening” determines how we feel about each person we meet. And when it comes to romantic relationships, it tells us far more than spoken words.

Now tell me this. Which man would you rather commit to for life?

A man who compliments your beauty but seems to have difficulty keeping his eyes off other women? Or a man who is reserved with his compliments, but seems to have eyes only for you?

The truth is, no one wants to end up with someone who is just settling. Instead, you want to feel desired.

Men are no different. But what makes men feel desired is very different from what makes women feel desired.

For example, research shows men often confuse love and respect. A man does not want to be loved by a romantic partner unless she also holds him in high regard compared with other men.

Otherwise, it just feels like motherly love. That’s not what he wants. It’s not how he wants to perceive himself in his primary relationship.

And that’s why…

Women often send mixed signals to the guy they’re interested in without even knowing it. It happens accidentally. And I have to tell you, it’s not your fault.

Society has changed too fast for men and women to adapt to the rapid changes. We are left scrambling.

In nearly every culture there used to be a clear set of expectations. Those expectations guided men and women through the process of connecting with a lifelong partner.

In nearly every culture there used to be a clear set of expectations. Those expectations guided men and women through the process of connecting with a lifelong partner.

Demonstrations of mutual admiration were built into the process of courtship. But those clear expectations are a thing of the past.

These days, each couple has to invent their own path, dancing around unspoken expectations and feelings of uncertainty.

And there’s something that often gets lost in our modern version of courtship.

I’m talking about the ancient art of communicating desire through the language of admiration. It’s where the phrase, “You have an admirer” came from.

  • He doesn’t want you to settle.
  • He wants to feel like you see him as the ultimate catch.
  • Otherwise, it deflates his ego. And with it, his passion for the relationship deflates too.
  • He just can’t picture himself with a woman who looks up to other men more than she looks up to him.

But this is where things get confusing.

Many women want to make their man feel loved. But a woman’s idea of loving communication is very different than a man’s.

How do you communicate your true feelings to a man? And why are men so sensitive to tiny signals about where you rank him compared with other men?

After watching this video, many women are surprised to learn how much control they have over a man’s self-esteem.

And even more surprised by how easy it is to make someone cherish you and want to invest in the relationship.

Many of us have a tendency to buy gifts of the sort we would like to receive ourselves. It can be like that with love. We try to love our partner the way we want to be loved.

So you make him feel special. Yet he seems unaffected by that. You speak your own native love language to him. Apparently, he speaks another.

I want show you about one incredible, universal method you can use to grab his attention by showing that you get what he craves most.

Click here now to discover an unfair advantage with men. Help him to finally see you as the one.

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