Extend Your Dog’s Life Through The Best Diet

Extend Your Dog's Life Through The Best Diet
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This article will be useful to all dog owners who want their dog to live as long and healthy as possible.

This powerful yet simple method of feeding dogs an all-natural, nutritious and delicious diet can help your dogs get rid of health problems and even add a few more years to your best furry friend’s life.

How to prolong the life of your dog?

Yes, you can extend your dog’s life just by changing his diet. It depends on the dog’s previous diet as well as the new diet. However, the incredible thing is that dogs can live many years longer, maybe even twice as long (!) if you choose the right diet.

Dog food can cause or exacerbate many health problems. On the other hand, this means that health problems can be significantly improved or even completely resolved by changing the dog’s diet!

By switching to a proper, natural, nutritious, no-nonsense diet, dogs can be cured of health problems that veterinarians and medications simply can’t solve. It might even save them from being “put to sleep” and literally save their lives!

We have been told for years that dog food is healthy. However, this may be the main reason why our dogs suffer from all sorts of health problems and even die too early.

Even if your dog seems to be doing well now, chances are you will have to deal with serious health problems that could cost you a small fortune in the future – health problems that could have been prevented.

It has been estimated that dogs suffer from allergies, skin problems, bald spots, yeast infections, digestive problems, diabetes, low energy, behavioral problems, aging too fast… and the list goes on.

Is dog food bad for your dog?

Is dog food bad for your dog

                                                       Photo by Kabo

Did you know that 50-60% or even more of that dog food content can be completely unnecessary for dogs and possibly cause harm over time?

What about the fact that animal fat is often added to dry dog ​​food to make dogs even think about food?

Did you know that the FDA allows sick animals to be used in dog food? Don’t you think that if a cow died of a deadly disease, then the meat of this cow may not be the most useful for your dog?

Have you thought about the fact that dog food can be so nutrient-poor that manufacturers have to rely on synthetic nutrients to even meet the minimum requirements?

Do you now understand that dog food can be one of the main reasons why dogs suffer health problems and even die years prematurely?

Dog food is actually a relatively new invention. It was only about 60 years ago that dog food manufacturers began producing dry dog ​​food as we know it today.

“Doctors don’t tell us to eat only processed food every day because it’s NOT HEALTHY… So why should we do this to our dogs?”

Expensive doesn’t mean quality!

Ignore the high price. Even expensive premium foods can contain all sorts of unnecessary, cheap, and harmful ingredients.

Even veterinary diets, which can cost you a lot of money, can contain almost the same ingredients as the cheapest dog food in the supermarket.

It is a well-known fact that dogs have no nutritional requirement for carbohydrates. Dogs simply don’t need carbohydrates in their diet. This is nothing new, and even dog food manufacturers agree.

However, many dog ​​foods contain up to 50% or more carbohydrates. But why? Most likely because carbohydrates are cheap ingredients.

Dog food manufacturers can tell you that carbohydrates are a great source of energy. But research shows that even sled dogs running 12 miles in just 40 minutes don’t need carbohydrates for energy!

Do you also think that your dog needs these carbohydrates for energy?

The thing is, for dogs, eating some carbs from time to time is probably okay. However…

If dogs eat the amount and type of carbohydrates found in many dog ​​foods today, it can actually change their metabolism and response to a certain hormone called insulin.

And over time, they can develop INSULIN RESISTANCE, which is linked to a host of diseases, including cardiovascular disease, various cancers, kidney disease, liver disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, and even epilepsy, autism, and depression.

Maybe that’s why our dogs get so sick and even die too early?

Commercial dog foods are often formulated with a set of nutrient requirements in mind. Those who primarily determine the nutritional requirements of commercial dog food in the US is an association called AAFCO.

Interestingly, the association itself has stated that, for example, iron absorption can vary from less than 10% to almost 100% due to several factors. It:

“demonstrates the impossibility that any list of concentrations can consistently guarantee that all nutrient requirements will be met in all dietary formulas without additional considerations.”

They basically say that you can’t know for sure if a dog food actually contains all the nutrients your dog needs, even if the dog food meets all the requirements set by AAFCO.

Even so, dog food may be labeled “complete and balanced” and you may be told that it’s the only thing you should be feeding your dog every single day, for the rest of your dog’s life.

As you can imagine, there are many health problems that can result from nutritional deficiencies.

Can food cause heart disease in your dog?

You may have heard that certain dog foods cause heart disease in them? Maybe you’ve heard that GRAIN-FREE dog food is to blame?

It is unknown why this is happening. Some believe that this may be due to nutritional deficiencies.

It’s important that you know that quite a few (if not all) heart related dog foods have been formulated with AAFCO’s nutritional needs in mind!

Does dog food lead to disease and early death?

Now millions of people around the world feed their dogs commercial dog food, dogs also suffer from allergies, skin problems, digestive problems, overweight, underweight, arthritis, and cancer.

Is it all just a coincidence?

“Or could there be a direct link between dog health problems – even early death – and ‘dog food’…?”

When you see dogs getting better by simply ditching commercial dog food and replacing it with natural, nutritious, real food, it certainly doesn’t seem like a coincidence.

Don’t be discouraged if you’ve been feeding your dog commercial dog food so far. Because you’ll soon find out how you can feed your dog all-natural, healthy, nutritious, real food, even starting today!

Our dogs deserve REAL FOOD, not processed, synthetic, unhealthy dog ​​food!

Feeding dogs homemade food has been something humans have been doing for over 10,000 years. This is why our dogs have been able to live with us for so long.

But now “dog food” has ruined everything, because today dogs die too young and even suffer from all sorts of health problems.

However, we need to make sure we feed our dogs properly. If our dogs don’t get the nutrition they need in the form they need, they won’t be able to thrive and live long life.

The answer can be found in the Viking dog diet. It’s not just a diet, it’s a METHOD that shows you step by step how to feed your dog truly nutritious, healthy, 100% natural, natural food.

viking diet method for dogs

Photo by Jamie Street

This is what the Viking Dog Diet Method is all about

People who feed their dogs this natural food say it brings all sorts of benefits. For example, dogs that eat an evolutionary diet live longer and get less cancer.

Return to a natural diet to address and reduce your dog’s health problems. After all, pets that receive a natural diet retain youth for the rest of their lives.

While researching dogs and their nutrition, I was SHOCKED to learn how many people, even experts, don’t understand the concept of BIOAVAILABILITY and how important it is to the health of our dogs.

“Nutrients mean nothing to dogs if they can’t use them.”

For example, a dog cannot survive on grass alone because a dog’s digestive system is not designed to extract a lot of the nutrients from grass.

The nutrients in the grass do not come in a form that the dog’s body can use.

The digestive system of cows, on the other hand, is specifically designed to extract as much nutrition as possible from grass, and therefore cows can live off grass alone.

On the other hand, beef, for example, is a highly bioavailable food for dogs.

And what’s more, you don’t even have to cook the meat because dogs are made to eat raw food.

“That’s why the natural meat diet for dogs is often referred to as RAW.”

Beef isn’t the only thing you should be feeding your dog, however…

This is very important because if you don’t feed your dog properly, even if you have the best of intentions, your dog can get a lot worse.

And since not many people really understand bioavailability and its importance to our dog’s health, you shouldn’t listen to just anyone’s advice either.


There are different ways to feed natural dog food and it is very important to choose the right one.

Most people choose expensive and unreliable commercial dog foods.

If you have a lot of money, this may be an option for you, although you will need to do a lot of research trying to find several brands that do not contain any non-natural ingredients or additives.

Many homemade diets are just a bunch of complex, time-consuming recipes that may not even be that nutritious for dogs in reality.

And what are you left with? Just a few limiting recipes without knowing how to actually feed your dog.

Others feed their dogs some diets designed to mimic how a wolf eats.

The idea can be good, although these diets can be both complex, requiring you to keep a calculator handy to do all sorts of calculations, and quite restrictive.

Maybe you have even seen photos of homemade diets that look very complicated…? I mean with all sorts of ingredients like pumpkin seeds, seaweed, fish oil, chia seeds, etc.

But in fact, it can do more harm than good!

Look, I don’t think that feeding our dogs 100% natural, healthy and nutritious real food should be difficult, time consuming or restrictive.

This is something every dog ​​owner should be able to do, right?!

The Viking Dog Diet - A Powerful Yet Simple METHOD

The Viking Dog Diet – A Powerful Yet Simple METHOD

That’s why I’ve made the Viking Dog Diet as simple as possible by eliminating all BS ingredients and making sure you learn step by step how to actually feed your dog healthy, nutritious, real food.

It’s not just a diet, it’s a science-based METHOD that will help you feed your dog food that dogs love.

This is a method that shows you step by step, meal by meal, to transition your dog from whatever food you currently feed to this highly nutritious diet.

This is a method that gives you CONTROL so you always know how to feed your dog healthy and nutritious food!

Did you know that some dogs live into their 20s or even 30s? Imagine you have a dog that lives that long…

This works for any breed or mix, as well as people with busy schedules.

Dogs of all breeds and mixed breeds can enjoy the BENEFITS of the amazing health benefits that a natural and highly nutritious Viking dog diet can bring.

Even dogs that already have serious health issues can see incredible benefits!

Plus, even if you have a busy schedule, the Viking Dog Diet has been made simple and flexible so it can fit into just about any lifestyle.

Because the Viking Dog Diet is not just a diet but a method based on science.

You yourself see amazing results after the first week of using the NATURAL diet!

Click here to get Viking Dog Diet –
Extend Your Dog’s Life Through The Best Diet

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