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TOP Social Media Jobs For Beginn
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The profession of an SMM manager

Social Media Jobs as an SMM manager is an exciting occupation in which you become a specialist who promotes a company, brand, or product on social networks.

This is the person who is responsible for maintaining the company’s accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and other social networks.

The profession of an SMM manager, on the one hand, is associated with advertising and PR, and on the other hand, with the IT sphere.

In terms of product promotion, an SMM manager usually collaborates with the advertising department, but he also has his own separate tasks related to community management, analytics, and interaction with people.

In our article, I will tell you in detail about the profession of an SMM specialist. You will find out who it is, what it does, and what professional skills are needed for this.

What are the main tasks of an SMM manager?

Usually, he works with social networks of clients: fills them with content, monitors comments, prepare plans, and launches advertising campaigns and contests.

The requirements for the SMM specialist vary depending on the specifics, size, and budget of the organization. Everywhere they can demand from a specialist something of their own, the most relevant and in demand for a particular line of business.

For some, the manager simply sets up advertising campaigns, while for others, he takes care of the content and controls the work of the sales department. But basically, many areas of work still converge with most clients.

Basically, the job of an SMM manager is to perform these tasks:

  • understand the business and the promoted product;
  • study the specifics of the business, identify the Unique Selling Proposition and understand how it can be rebuilt from competitors;
  • analyze users and find out who can become the target audience of the project;
  • study competitors, their specifics, offers and identify their strengths and weaknesses;
  • develop a content plan, according to which work will be carried out, and be ready for its correction after analyzing the results of the first campaign;
  • set up targeted advertising if there is no targetologist in the state;
  • promote the business and its social networks by any means: advertising with bloggers, in the media, activities, etc.;
  • prepare a progress report for the client.

You will have to learn different services and tools. Something will help in developing a content plan, something in finding interesting pictures for creatives, and something in automating individual processes.

For example, with the help of delayed posting services, you can plan the publication of posts according to the content plan in advance and do something more interesting.

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TOP Social Media Jobs For Beginners - Earning SMM manager

Another important aspect of the work of an SMM manager is communication with subscribers.

This includes keeping track of negative comments, answering user questions, increasing their activity, and directing discussions in the right direction.

Analytics in social media marketing

When analyzing social media metrics, a manager should keep track of all metrics that affect sales, such as click-throughs.

When an article appears on a blog with a link to a promoted product or service, you need to estimate how many clicks were made on the link, and how many people who visited the site bought the product.

This helps to adjust the work with the content – after the analysis, it becomes clear which post or article attracted more attention and more buyers.

You may need to change the format or theme in order for the number of customers to grow.

In addition, the manager monitors the readability of posts, the reach and number of subscribers, as well as the reaction of the audience: how many likes and comments are left, how many reposts are made.

If they react to the material, it means that it is useful or interesting. If there is no reaction, it means that the post did not hook anyone and the number of such posts should be reduced.

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Working hours, salary, and prospects

An SMM manager can work in the office or remotely. In the office, he will have a standard work schedule for the organization itself.

The volume and time of freelance work depend on the person himself and on how many projects he is ready to serve – someone works several days a week, and someone – without days off at all.

The salary of an SMM manager depends on several factors: work experience, company objectives, and the region in which it is located.

If an SMM manager moves up the career ladder, for example, becomes the head of a department or moves to a senior position in digital, he will receive much more than a novice SMM worker.

SMM-manager is a promising and demanded profession. The popularity and importance of social networks continue to grow, they are becoming the main platform for people to communicate online.

Almost every company needs its own SMM specialist to draw attention to their services and products.

The number of vacancies in SMM is huge and constantly growing. Even a specialist with no experience can find a job.

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What qualities and skills does an SMM manager need?

  • Perseverance and attentiveness.
    When you make a lot of posts a day, it’s easy to miss or confuse something. The same qualities are needed for the analysis of social network indicators.
  • Good sense of humor.
    This is not the most important thing, but a useful quality, it helps to revive communities and make them more interesting for subscribers.
  • Empathy.
    An SMM manager must understand well what a person feels, what he needs, and how to establish contact with him. For example, if a user is dissatisfied with something, you need to understand what his problem is and how to help him so that he remains a subscriber and a client.
  • Ability to multitask.
    On the SMM manager, there are often several tasks at the same time: write a post, coordinate with the editor, order publication, and monitor comments.
  • Broad outlook.
    An SMM specialist should be aware of everything that is happening in the world. For example, in order to be on the same wavelength with your audience, you need to know what memes are currently popular. To attract new subscribers, you need to follow the innovations in social networks.
  • Good knowledge of the language.
    An SMM specialist cannot do without this, he works a lot with text – he constantly writes posts, comments and messages.
  • Ability to write.
    This skill comes with experience. It is best to start pumping it at school: blogging, writing notes.
  • Knowledge of graphic editors.
    Not everywhere there is a designer who deals with social networks. In this case, the SMM manager has to independently prepare pictures, banners, memes.
    Knowledge of Excel. Relevant for analytics calculation.
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Tips for newbies in SMM marketing

The sooner you start doing this in practice, the better. A good way to get started is to help moderate communities.

Many companies and brands cooperate with novice professionals without experience.

Companies most often work with schoolchildren and students on a barter basis or for a small fee, providing their services in exchange for maintaining and moderating groups on social networks.

Running your own page or blog provides useful skills, but is generally very different from running a community or a company blog whose goal is to increase sales and brand awareness.

If you blog for yourself, then you do little promotion, almost no interaction with other bloggers and no communication with clients.

These skills will have to be developed separately by attending courses and working in SMM.

Features of working in SMM

The job of an SMM manager is similar to other online professions. But before you start studying and working, you should understand the pros and cons of this specialty.

Benefits of working in SMM

Among the advantages of the profession:

  • Additional income. You can work in your free time from the main employment.
  • Easy retraining. It is realistic to make SMM your main job and completely go into it – as a hired worker or head of your own agency.
  • Fast learning. You do not need to study for several years, for a start it is enough to learn the courses.
  • Easy entry. For a novice SMM manager, most of the programs are free, no special money is needed.
  • Regular income. It is not necessary to constantly look for customers – if you do your job well, customers stay for months and years.
  • Development and growth. There is always a place for development and an increase in earnings.
  • Variety of tasks. The work will always be unusual and informative.

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Disadvantages of working in SMM

No specialty can do without negative aspects. Here are some of the disadvantages in the work of an SMM manager you should keep in mind:

  • Distant work. Not really about travel and a free schedule. Sometimes these are difficult long working days, in which it is difficult to move away from the screen for a long time.
  • Search for customers. Even if you plan to work with the same clients all the time, you need to find them first.
  • Communication with clients. Not all customers will be equally kind and give all the necessary information about the product. It is necessary to discuss tasks, sometimes – to pull out data bit by bit.
  • Various tasks. Not everyone likes to perform different tasks every day, look for answers to unasked questions and try new promotion schemes. You need to be flexible to meet challenges.
  • Continuous learning. Yes, the basics can be sorted out fairly quickly. But in order to remain a successful SMM manager, you will have to regularly update your knowledge, learn tricks, come to streams and see how others work.

Some of the advantages of the profession for someone may turn out to be disadvantaged since not everyone loves communication.

If none of this is repulsive and does not seem impossible, you can start picking up SMM courses or start learning on your own.

How to get your first experience in SMM
Photo by Adem AY

How to get your first experience in SMM?

When it turned out to study and understand everything, the basics of the profession became clear – it’s time to start practicing. But how to find clients if you don’t have a single case yet and you have nothing to show?

I’m telling…

Free work.
You can try to promote your own or a public of acquaintances, a group of your friends, or offer your help in a group where performers are looking for.

Many newcomers to various professions work for free at the beginning of their career, so they can prove themselves. When they gain experience, they will be able to show the result to future clients with a ready-made portfolio.

Company internship.
You can get a job in large companies, which sometimes invite novice specialists for internships without payment.

This is a good way to test yourself, your skills and find out what you are capable of in order to improve your knowledge on real projects.

Educational tasks.
Homework is given not only to check what the student has learned. Sometimes they can be put into a case and added to a portfolio.

You can come up with a new brand, run a campaign, collect results and create a case that you are not ashamed to show to future customers.

Employment from a training company.

After completing their training as an SMM specialists, some companies help their graduates get their first projects at good rates.

Others send fresh vacancies to graduates. This is a significant help, especially in the first months of work.

To get started, you need to take any of the courses in which you are confident. You will also need a computer, phone, and stable internet.

You need to be able to use social networks, mail, instant messengers, graphic and text editors at least at a minimum level.

All skills will be gradually pumped during practice.

In the meantime, you can take a 1-minute quiz to find out which social media job you’re best suited for. Click here to start the test:

It is important not only to take courses and figure out why you need an SMM manager. You need to immediately start working, practicing and learning all the tricks in a real project.

LEGAL: Any earnings or income representations are aspirational statements only of your earning potential. There is no guarantee that you’ll receive the same results or any results at all for that matter. Your results will depend entirely on your work ethic, experience, etc. As always there is a risk with any business. I’m not a financial advisor and nothing in this article should be considered legal advice.

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