Simple Writing Jobs – 7 Tips How to Make Money From It Easy

Simple Writing Jobs - How to Make Money From It

Simple writing jobs – how to make money with the help of texts to any person without knowledge and experience. In this article, we will cover everything in detail.

Ahead of you is a step-by-step instruction on how to become a copywriter from scratch.

In essence, copywriting is a type of freelancing, working from home. Now it has gained great popularity.

So, after reading the article, you will learn: What is copywriting? How to become a copywriter and earn from copywriting articles $250 a day? Where can a copywriter find orders? 7 steps to making enough money from texts.

What are copywriting and copywriter?

Copywriting is an activity associated with writing texts or articles, often selling or advertising, which in one way or another indirectly advertises a service or product.

Such materials include press releases, descriptions of product categories, and texts on the main pages of online stores.

But not all content in copywriting is selling, as orders for informational or analytical articles are still very common.

We recommend that beginners work with informational articles at the very beginning of their journey.

A copywriter is a person who is engaged in copywriting and earns by writing articles.

The text is different, so sooner or later a copywriter becomes a professional in a certain niche.

If we conditionally divide copywriting into subspecies, we get the following list:

  • Rewriter. Rewrites articles to be ranked by uniqueness. Works a lot and cheap.
  • Copywriter. The main combat unit in digital. Ready to write, conduct interviews and edit material until victory.
  • Editor. Leads a group of authors, designers and other professionals. Task: to release a combat-ready information product.
  • UX writer/editor. Creates texts for application interfaces, websites, calculators, bots, push notifications.
  • Media manager. He manages the entire media publication: from developing a strategy to defending the budget in front of the management.

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How to become a good copywriter?

Writing text is not difficult. Making it so that it solves a specific problem is a skill. Here is what a practicing copywriter says about the basics of professional growth:

“The most important thing is to learn to think not with text, but with a product. What does this mean? Let’s say a marketer wants to launch a test to warm up the audience. To solve this problem, it’s not enough just to come up with questions and answers. You need to decide where to publish this test, how to make it up, where to get traffic, and, most importantly, what this test will give the business. The ability to see the project as a whole is what distinguishes an editor from a copywriter.”

It is also important to develop their skills — the ability to communicate with people and work in a team.

Editors are paid the most in corporations, but working there is different from working with small businesses.

One text is coordinated by several people, and each has its own comments and suggestions. It is important to be able to agree with everyone and eventually release content.

Training Copywriting From Scratch

Training Copywriting From Scratch

Simple Writing Jobs – training copywriting from scratch


There are many courses on the market that will help you learn copywriting from scratch. As a rule, they are designed for beginners and those who plan to move from another profession.

The cost and duration of training vary greatly. It should be understood: that copywriting is a full-fledged profession and it is unlikely that you will be able to master it in a week.

I recommend that you pay attention to the following things:

  • creating a portfolio based on the results of training;
  • inclusion in the program of the basics of related disciplines: marketing, SEO, layout, etc.
  • career counseling after completing the course;
  • teachers-practitioners;
  • reviews about training.

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Copywriting from scratch on books is a real scenario for entering the profession. Here is a list of useful books, some of which I have already read and recommend that you study:

  • William Strunk Jr. ‘The Elements of Style’ is a must-have book for anyone involved in writing, detailing specific rules related to the use of language in writing.
  • David Ogilvy ‘Ogilvy on Advertising’ is known as the father of advertising, the typical advertising agent. In this book, the author offers his personal attitude to advertising and methods of selling by ignoring the rules.
  • Robert B. Cialdini ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion’ – this book is about thinking about what drives buying behavior and, in turn, what specific advertising methods are effective.
  • David James ‘Copywriting for Beginners’ – this book will teach you how to use powerful tricks to increase your conversion rate. Here you will find a simple but effective method of writing text step by step.
  • Neil Hoechlin ‘The Ultimate Copywriting Guide for Beginners to Advanced’ – this copywriting book contains all the basic elements of an effective sales letter to attract money or clients. Writing effective copy is essential to thrive!

Beginning copywriter mistakes

Most of the mistakes of novice authors appear due to 2 “sins”, which are better to get rid of as soon as possible.

  1. Haste. In copywriting, it’s realistic to earn $250 a day or more, but it won’t be right away. It is also worth removing the setting “if a little money is paid for the text, then there is no need to try.”

When the author decides to take quantity, illiteracy, disregard for facts and the text about nothing appear. If you can deceive the customer, then you can’t fool yourself.

Over time, laziness becomes a habit, and the copywriter simply cannot produce an adequate quality of material.

  1. Blindly following the Terms of Reference. There are 2 approaches to interacting with a client: solve a problem or follow a technical task. The trick is this: the terms of reference reflect the vision of the project by the customer.

He has an image in his head, and he is trying to convey it. Most likely, the real needs are much broader, and it is normal when the performer asks additional questions.

Some clients are annoyed by the copywriter’s curiosity. So, as a rule, you just need a “stub text”. The rest will appreciate it.

Simple Writing Jobs – 8 Tips How to Make Money From It Easy

Simple Writing Jobs – 7 Tips How to Make Money From It Easy

  1. Forget about rewriting.

It is difficult to earn good money by rewriting articles on the Internet. Customers with high price tags want to see really unique articles, with a new structure and fresh thoughts.

To write such articles, you need:

  • To have cool expertise in some area. It is important that expertise be practical.

Without practice, some of the basics for beginners can be written, but deeper materials are no longer possible.

The path of your own expertise is not the best – it greatly limits the choice of topics. And besides, it obliges you to work both in your specialty and as an author, otherwise, you won’t be able to delve into either one or the other area.

  • Be able to quickly understand information and explain it in simple language. This is somewhat similar to rewriting, but the end result is very different.

You also search for information on the net, but study a bunch of sources, paraphrase it all in your head and then write clearly, vividly, and with examples.

Often sources are not only other people’s articles, but the laws of the country, some kind of documentation, fragmentary information from different sites, and the like.

To do this, follow these tips:

  • Quickly delve into complex topics: read quickly, carefully grab the most important thing, filter the clerical language and remake the meaning into understandable to any person.

This is a practical skill, it can be mastered by reading and retelling a lot of material.

  • Be able to explain clearly. This is also a practical skill: the more you explain, the better you get. You can pull it up if you read some textbooks on pedagogy and teaching.
  • Be able to search for experts and interview. The Internet is full of experts who, for the sake of publication in the media, are ready to give you a comment.

First you need to agree with an expert, correctly formulate questions, draw out interesting answers.

This is a bit of journalism, but quite simple: we have pure information, and not some scandals and personal details.

Case studies, various marketing materials, and almost all complex articles are written from interviews.

  1. Learn to write normally.

Normally this means:

  • Briefly and to the point, without empty text and clerical words.
  • Structured, moving from simple to complex in explanations.
  • With knowledge of where to place accents and how to attract the reader.
  • With an understanding of who will read you and how to write, so that this particular reader would be interested.

You can learn these skills from books, free courses, and articles. You can, for example, go to a paid course or find a mentor – there are many options.

But it is important to practice a lot and always keep in mind that you are not writing for yourself, and not even for the customer, but for the reader. Then the articles will turn out well.

  1. Be responsible.

In order to make good money from copywriting, it must be perceived as a job – and this should mean this:

  • It is preferable to be in touch on weekdays if an urgent task or edits suddenly appear.
  • Do not disappear without warning.
  • Let me know in advance if you miss something.
  • Do not take on more than you can do, adequately assess your strengths.

Judging by the reviews of many editors, even mistakes in the texts are forgiven for such a correct attitude towards the customer.

A person can be taught to write, but if he is irresponsible, nothing will help here.

  1. Have a couple of good articles in your portfolio.

Beginners are often reluctant to work. This creates a vicious circle: the portfolio contains only simple SEO rewrites, and customers want to get full-fledged unique articles.

There are two ways to fix this:

  • It’s very cool to make a couple of rewrites: collect different information and structure it in a cool way. This will not be ashamed to put in a portfolio.
  • Write an article yourself on Facebook or on your blog. It can be some selection, analysis, or article based on your expertise.

Yes, it’s free, but it’s better to spend a couple of days now than to suffer further. Let the article not collect views at all, but the customer will be able to understand your level from it.

Your portfolio does not have to be large. Let there be only three cool articles: the customer still does not have time to watch hundreds of articles.

  1. Find a cool editor.

If you can get a job with an agency or a blogging company, then you can work closely with the editor.

He will help raise your level, suggest how best to write, where you make mistakes, and indicate how to correct them correctly.

You can also work with the editor on some temporary projects to get cool experience and upgrade your skills.

For a good editor to work with you, you must already refuse to rewrite, write more or less normally, be responsible and have a couple of decent articles in your portfolio.

A good editor is a next step after the previous four.

  1. Adequately respond to edits.

Editors will always edit a lot. While you are inexperienced, there will be tons of edits: sometimes you will be asked to rewrite the entire text.

Sometimes it hurts, hurts, and is unpleasant: it seems that he wrote a masterpiece, and the editor smashed everything to smithereens. It is a pity both time and effort. But there`s not anything you may do approximately it.

It is important to be able to accept changes correctly: make them, ask in detail what is wrong and take this experience into account for the future.

If after editing you want to send the customer to the ass, take your time. Close your laptop, pour yourself some tea, maybe even go to bed. And the next morning, sit down, look again and calmly bring everything in.

Sometimes editors and customers are really petty tyrants. If you are rude, they send you obscenities or ask you to change one word to another for the hundredth time, this is not normal.

It is better to avoid such customers. But it’s important to be able to distinguish between dumb niggles and really helpful fixes that help you get better.

  1. Learn to write quickly.

If you write cool but give out one article a week – this is bad – you won’t earn much money at this pace. Learn to write faster:

  • Master some ten-finger typing or just learn to type more briskly.
  • Do not try to do everything perfectly the first time and spend dozens of hours on an article. Just do it right – in most cases, this is enough. And there will still be edits.
  • Learn to read quickly and isolate useful information, immediately understand whether it is a good source or a bad one. This comes with erudition and experience.
  • Consider getting yourself a proofreader. You will spend a lot of time proofreading the article and correcting typos, and your time is now valuable. It is better to pay a proofreader – let him do everything for you.
  • Update your laptop. If it slows down for you even in Google Docs, this is a problem, it can seriously ruin your life. Look for some simple Macbook model and the work will go easier.

Simple Writing Jobs – Where can a copywriter find orders?

And at the end of the article, let’s talk a little about where to find orders for a novice copywriter in order to start earning remotely from home.

Here are a few content writing sites that I recommend for beginners:

    To get started – just send a short sample text. Based on your sample, you are assigned a certain rating, and the higher your level, the more you will earn.
    On this site, you can earn money by writing blog posts, newsletters, and e-books.

You don’t need any experience – you just need to take a grammar test and study the plagiarism learning module.

And you will also need to send a sample of your letter to determine the rating.

    While this service isn’t just for copywriters, it’s still a great site for finding various writing jobs.

You need to take into account that in order to withdraw your earnings from Upwork, you will have to wait 6 days from the moment the client pays you.

Here you can communicate directly with customers.

    On this site, you can post your articles for sale and the best part is that you set the price for your articles yourself.

Unfortunately, there is no guarantee that your articles will sell, so it’s best to publish a few of your articles on the site first, and then immediately look for paid writing work on other sites.

On this site, you can write blog articles, technical writing, copywriting, and other types of writing.

Crowd Content accepts writers from a wide range of backgrounds. Therefore, depending on the rating, various tasks will be available to you.

Your task is to send your rating over time in order to gain access to highly paid tasks.

And what to do next?

Then just move in that direction. Write normally, be responsible, learn to work better and faster – and everything will be great for you. Actually, everything is like in any other profession.

Well, I recommend taking a short survey right now to find out what kind of writing job you can get today

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