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In this article, you will learn about an easy way to earn affiliate income on Amazon and understand how to earn thousands of dollars using the Amazon affiliate program.

In this article, you will learn an easy way to earn affiliate income on Amazon and understand how to earn thousands of dollars with the Amazon affiliate program.

What is Amazon Associates?

Do you know that in addition to small and medium-sized projects that are ready to share their profits with those who know how to bring customers, the largest international online store of goods and services Amazon has an affiliate program?

Just imagine: this Internet giant sells goods for the amount of the budget of a small state, which is several tens of billions of dollars a year!

And this amount is not the limit, because every year the site increases the number of buyers, and not least due to its affiliate program, called Amazon Associates.

What is the Amazon affiliate program, how to join it and what are the terms of cooperation, you will know further from this article.

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Terms of cooperation with Amazon

There are two ways to make money with an Amazon affiliate program:

1. By adding links to goods or services that can be found on the website of the global giant to the pages of your existing website/blog/social network page.

2. It is possible to create, content and consciously promote a site specifically created for the purpose of profiting from Amazon.

With the first option, everything is more or less clear, and after registering with the Amazon Associates program, you can start advertising the selected products.

Obviously, in this case, it will be possible to save time and money, because it will not be necessary to invest in the creation of a fundamentally new project, but there are also disadvantages with this option.

For example, you will have to select products that are most suitable for the topic of an existing site or blog, and only a project with a large number of live visitors will bring significant profit.

The second option, namely the creation of a website specifically for the Amazon affiliate program, is easier – after all, you will initially know how to properly design, implement, and then promote the project.

And if you make a catalog with thematic goods and quality articles on the topic from such a site, then this can bring you much more money.

Amazon has different reward percentagesAre all topics good for making money?

In order to choose the theme of the site for Amazon, you should carefully study the information about the reward that you can get by redirecting the buyer from your project to the online store.

At the same time, pay attention to 2 important points:

1) Different products offer different reward percentages.

2) When choosing a topic, you should carefully study the demand for various groups of goods and evaluate competition in each specific area.

Note that the retailer offers rewards not only for physical goods, but also for selling access to various subscriptions, video games, music, audio books, etc.

In addition, a commission is also offered for participation in the Trade-In program, that is, for the delivery of a certain product (new or used) to the store in exchange for another.

Only residents of the United States can participate in this program.

What do you need to join this project?

In order to become a full-fledged partner of an American retailer and make a profit from sales, it is necessary to solve 2 global tasks:

1. Sign up at following a few steps, which you will know about below, and add your site to this program.

2. Create, fill with content and promote a website, traffic from which will be redirected to pre-selected Amazon pages.

Step-by-step registration in the Amazon affiliate program

Step-by-step registration in the Amazon affiliate program

So, registration on the site takes place in several steps, namely:

Step 1. Fill in the data about the account owner (name, surname, e-mail, password).

Step 2. Adding payment information (name to which earnings will be displayed, bank address, postal code).

Step 3. Filling in information about the site where affiliate links to Amazon will be placed in the form of, in fact, the so-called special links, banners, widgets or other advertising blocks.

Here you can add up to 50 sites at the same time – Amazon has provided the possibility that partners can redirect traffic from various sources.

These can be not only sites specially created and promoted for Amazon, but also personal blogs with a large number of visitors and social media accounts.

Important to know – sites should not be intended for visitors under the age of 13! That is, adding a site with reviews of children’s games designed for players under the age of 13 will not work.

Step 4. In the profile, you will have to specify in detail the level of traffic to your sites, how you plan to attract traffic, how and where links to goods or services from Amazon will be added, and the reasons for your joining the affiliate program. You even have to remember how you learned about the existence of Amazon Associates.

Step 5 is the last one. Here you need to enter a valid phone number and verify it. To do this, after entering the number in the international format, press the “Call Me Now” button and wait for the machine to call.

Next, we listen to the automatically generated PIN code, enter it in the appropriate box and wait for confirmation.

If everything is done correctly, in a few seconds it will be possible to use all the functionality of the site.

Important! All data should be filled in very carefully, especially for passport data and bank details.

In the event of an error, it can be quite difficult to correct it, because. the technical support service may require the provision of scanned copies of documents and verification, instead of several minutes, runs the risk of stretching for days and even weeks.

Website development for Amazon – features, market and competitor analysis

Choosing a product group for which a site will be created is a kind of art, and the strategy itself consists of several components: an intuitive search for suitable products, a careful study of competitors and a thoughtful analysis of search results.

To select a niche for Amazon, you can use the junglescout service.

Create optimized content

The most important thing that can attract potential buyers to the site is high-quality content that satisfies both the requirements of visitors and search engines.

The main criteria taken into account by the Google search engine when ranking a site are the structure and volume of the article, the timeliness of publication, as well as the uniqueness of the content and its value.

Create optimized content for Amazon

                                  Photo by LinkedIn Sales Solutions

Let’s look at these requirements in more detail.

1. Uniqueness of materials. Rough rewriting, and even more so the placement of stolen content, will not bring anything good.

In addition to the fact that readers do not perceive well the information that they have already met on other resources, the algorithms of modern search engines are also able to recognize plagiarism.

2. Maximum disclosure of the topic. Having chosen the topic of the article (in our case it will be a description of a product or, for example, a rating of some products that solve similar problems), it is necessary to open it from all sides.

Readers appreciate when the information is presented as completely as possible, and when creating a review, both the advantages and disadvantages of a particular product are described.

3. Content should answer all readers’ questions. A copywriter, creating content for such a site, must anticipate in advance the questions that the reader may have and give competent, reasoned answers to them.

4. Use the opinion of experts. When writing articles, reviews, selling materials, it is desirable to use the opinions of recognized industry experts.

A link to a specialist’s review, properly formatted, will not be considered plagiarism, and at the same time will increase readers’ loyalty to the information.

5. When preparing an article, especially if it is long, it is important to use subheadings, lists, screenshots, and if it is more convenient to present some information in the form of a graph or table, you should use this option.

If there is not enough experience in writing and properly formatting such articles, you can safely study the sites of major competitors or even visit the pages of manufacturers of goods about which content will be published and see how their information is framed. Moreover, an acceptable quality of design can be achieved even by periodically printing out your articles and studying them for ease of reading and ease of presentation of information.

6. Maximum and minimum article length. Amazon puts absolutely no limits on the amount of content.

But do not forget that the site under Amazon will be promoted using standard SEO methods, which means that the length of one article should not be less than 2500-3000 words, more often 5000-7000 words come out.

7. Timeliness of the material. Having decided to publish a particular material, you should make sure that it is relevant. Of course, some people may still be interested in the specification on the iPhone 7, but an article about a more modern model will be much more useful.

The same applies to already published content, it should be checked from time to time for relevance and, if necessary, updated and supplemented.

8. Good linking is important. Properly planned and implemented internal linking helps to significantly improve the quality of articles and the trust of both visitors and search engines to the site.

One page of the site can, and even should, be linked to others. For example, in an information article about iPhone 14 mobile phones, you can safely place a link to your own article on the iPhone 13 model, posted on the site earlier.

Site owners worry that having too many external links reduces the quality of the site in the eyes of search engines.

In fact, if your links are of high quality, they are used to the right place, then there is nothing wrong with them, their use is permissible and does not violate any rules and requirements.

Website promotion for Amazon

Promotion of sites created to attract customers on Amazon has nuances, taking into account which will help increase positions in organic issuance and thereby increase the number of visitors moving to the site.

So, the promotion of sites under Amazon is based on:

1. Link building.
2. Adding the most detailed content related to each specific product. A quality article about this product may include a rating of the most popular with a detailed description of the characteristics (comparison of products), their photos, reviews, rating.
3. Using video reviews with a detailed demonstration of the product, preferably using it in practice.
4. Working with customer reviews, ranking products in accordance with these reviews.
5. Drawing up reasoned ratings of the same type of goods.

Ideal solution for Amazon partners

a tool to create catalogs for any amazon nichesTo forgive yourself for the tasks and use the maximum income from the Amazon affiliate program, you should create a special catalog with thematic products.

This will be good for you and convenient for your readers on the site. So they will be able to see products faster and more – thus it will be easier for them to make a purchase decision.

Meet AmzCatalog Creator is an easy-to-use app for Amazon affiliate marketers. This is a special cloud software.

You can use it from your PC, Mac or mobile device. Nothing complicated – just download, install and configure it. You can use this software even if you don’t have your own website or hosting account.

The software supports 7 Amazon Associate programs – Amazon US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Brazil and India.

Anyone from anywhere in the world can use this software and earn income from

If you are looking for an easy and highly effective way to make money on Amazon, then this is the right choice!

Use this tool to create catalogs for any Amazon niche. Try any niche keyword on Amazon Marketplace and create catalogs with your chosen products.

In less than 10 minutes, your new catalog will be ready to go and start earning commissions for you. You can choose from any and millions of products on the Amazon Marketplace.

Creating a directory on a Facebook pageIt is possible to add an overview video to the catalog to capture the attention of visitors. An informative video embedded from Youtube will help you to significantly increase the conversion and thereby increase sales.

It is possible to add a banner or logo image to the catalog. The banner can be linked to any affiliate offer or your own product. The banner can be placed at the top of the Catalog or at the bottom.

In any case, you will receive payment, even if the Visitor did not currently buy a product listed in your catalog.

In addition to the list of Amazon products that the visitor sees in your catalog, he can also find other related products on the Amazon Marketplace.

If a visitor buys another product from Amazon, you will still get paid for that purchase. Because your affiliate ID is already embedded in the search button.

So the affiliate id will take into account any transition to the Amazon cart, and in this way you will definitely receive payment for any purchase that the visitor made.

You can even use 2 buttons with your links in the directory. It can be any second link to whatever you want to promote.

A color customization option is provided so you can edit the color of the catalog to match your website, blog or Facebook page.

You can use the color picker tool or just enter the color code in the text field.

AmzCatalog Creator is a cloud-based software. To start working with it – just go to the “Password protected users” section.

Nothing to download, install or configure! You can use this software even if you don’t have your own website or hosting account.

For example, you can use the free Blogger or Facebook page to host your catalogs. This is a 100% beginner friendly system.

Here’s what you get in this package:

1) AmzCatalog Creator software (cloud based)

2) Video tutorials

3) Quick Guide (PDF)

4) Free software updates

5) Unlimited use rights and developer license

6) Priority technical support

7) 60-day money back guarantee.

AmzCatalog Creator is a cloud-based software

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Amazon Affiliate Catalog Creator Software

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